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Northfork Strtategies

“Representing clients in Washington, D.C., through both Democratic and Republican Administrations and Congresses, I’ve learned that having the right plan combined with the right network makes all the difference. And now, since government regulation and oversight are becoming increasingly important, understanding the role of government on affected businesses has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.”

Roger Fleming, Principal, Northfork Strategies, LLC

Northfork Strtategies

“Entrepreneurs across Montana and the nation have made clear that they need business guidance that reflects deep skill sets in a few areas – technology, finance, and politics. Northfork Strategies has brought together a team to meet those needs and serve small and medium size businesses. Our focus is on sustainable economic development through successful company development and, therefore, job creation, not just in Montana, but across the U.S.”

Liz Marchi Principal, Northfork Strategies, LLC

Northfork Strtategies

Philosophy & Mission

At Northfork Strategies, we believe that effective advocacy should be available to companies at all phases of their evolution – from start-ups to mature, well-established entities. We also believe that participation in the government relations process should be available without breaking the bank. We don’t support large offices at high-rent locations. As a result, we are able to offer reasonable monthly retainers for clients that need more time and attention. And, lastly, we believe that voices from Main Street, properly framed, are more powerful than all the voices of K Street and Wall Street combined.

Our job is to understand your objectives and figure out a plan that translates your needs into an effective solution. We are well-versed in the key areas that affect 21st-century companies – including technology, finance, and politics.