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Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned professionals with substantial experience in the fields of politics, finance, and technology. In addition to a wide-reaching network of business and political contacts, we bring considerable experience as CEO’s, founders, lawyers, and advocates. In other words, we “get” what it is you’re trying to do as a business owner or executive.

Roger Fleming

Roger Fleming, a founding partner, and author of Majority Rules, found here, majorityrulesnovel.com, practiced law in Florida as a litigator before moving to Washington DC to become Legislative Counsel and then Legislative Director to U.S. Congressman E. Clay Shaw. Subsequently Fleming served as a Minority Counsel and then Majority Counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives; and as a political appointee in the Administration of President George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s. Thereafter he served as Counsel and Vice President of Government Relations to the U.S. Telephone Association, Executive Director of Congressional Affairs for US WEST Communications and Qwest, as Vice President of Dutko Worldwide, an international public affairs company, and then as Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs for Integra Telecom.

Roger is a member of the state bars of Florida and the District of Columbia.

Contact Roger at rfleming@northforkstrategies.com or 202.534.1771

Liz Marchi

Liz Marchi is currently the Fund Coordinator for the Frontier Angel Fund, LLC, Montana’s first angel fund, and founder of Frontier Angel Fund 2. She serves as the Advisory Board Chair of the Flathead Beacon, an equity financed community media enterprise in Northwest Montana which recently acquired Flathead Living Magazine. She is a co-founder of Northfork Strategies. Ms. Marchi has a background in legislative and public policy issues related to business growth and development at the state and federal levels. She has served as President of the Montana Ambassadors, President and CEO of Montana West Economic Development and the Flathead County Port Authority and has done extensive fund raising for both private and public organizations. She serves on the Board of North Valley Hospital, Advisory Board for the Montana Meth Project; the Governor’s Economic Advisory Council, the ACE Scholarship Advisory Board, the Board of Code Montana and serves as Vice Chairman of the Greater Polson Community Foundation. She has been recognized for her vision and courage in bringing the entrepreneurial imperative to the rural community.

She currently resides with her husband Jon on a ranch outside of Polson, Montana where she sells natural, Montana raised, Wagyu (Kobe) beef and registered Angus. She has three children, two step children, two grandchildren and two Corgis.

Liz can be reached at: lmarchi@northforkstrategies.com.